Saturday, December 17, 2011

Facebook Etiquette:Broken Down

Last night as my sister and I sat and went through OUTRAGEOUS pictures on someones Facebook page it became very clean there are somethings you just shouldn't post! I know I have been guilty of some Facebook over posting crimes! Although, some of us just got to extremes! 

On said persons page we found countless 'sexy' pictures. Most of which just looked down right awkward. From the way that she posed we got that she was a brand name whore. She would do weird poses just so you can see where her shirt was from, how 'big' her wedding ring was and her purse was front and center! Now I like some name brands but I will not be their poster child without some pay! 

  1. Its not the VMA or CMT's no one on your friend list cares who you are wearing!
  2. If its not a natural position please don't try and be sexy.
  3. We know you love your purse but it doesn't have to cover your whole upper body!(I mean the majority of your pictures your trying to show it off. Why stop now? Oh, thats right you want use to see your easily $250+ purse!)
As we go through more of her pictures another trend is present. Her 'shopping sprees' are all over the place! In one picture she had about 10+ Bath&Body Work lotions which looked like the were all the same. This is your 'shopping spree'? What the hell? You shopped a good sale and your gifting all of them anyways why take the picture? Who in the hell cares about your lotion and if you honestly need that much you need to sleep with your husband more so he doesn't have to jack off and or you need to drink more water if your skin is that dry. 
        4. Who cares what you spend money on? 
        5. Don't just post pictures of what seems to be like everyday shopping...
More to he spending habit, she posted way to many pictures of her cars. She traded in x amount of cars before she finally had a new used car. Alright, already we know you have a car habit stop posting about it! For god sake unless she bought each one out right she lost her ass in all these trade ins! Now, my Step Dad has a car habit but he gets really nice cars. Not a gas saver who is a few years old and even when it was new it was in the low end of the market. Unless you had the mac daddy of them! Which didn't seem to be the case. 

       6. We are glad to see you are supporting other country's goods and saving gas. Now please no more pictures of your car. We can't keep up with the trade ins.

I believe in the freedom to post what you want but sometimes people just don't give a flying rats ass about your name brand/car habit! 

The worse of the crimes against facebook she committed was the 'over use of bronzer and the duck face'! Oh, that and she had taken a picture of her paper work for her house. After seeing that I told my sister I wanted to go smack her for being so 'AAAAAAHHHH' and ooo shit I could have with her address being on said paper work! Now, I didn't read her stutas updates but she seemed like the person to check in or tell people when she was out shopping or eating. I just hope the pictures are private and that anyone on her friends list is her size and wants all her nice clothes and or TVS and what not!

Readers please neverever post anything like your address on Facebook!!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dear Japan you suck!

Having my husband of almost 2 months be gone to Japan for 6 months to 8 months(no more then 8) sucks! I was only married for less then 72 hours before I had to see him off also sucked! I miss him like crazy but I have been filling my time by selling Scentsy! Most of my sales have been to me or my family! Money is money though!

Between working and making time to talk to Cpl I haven't done much of anything else but sleeping! So I am sorry for the lack of blogging! I will try to make time!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This Sucks

I've been trying to use to the thought of Dustin being gone and its not working! From the minute I dropped him off to about a week later it hasn't gotten better. I've been told it does but I can't see when because they are teasing me, I get to see him a few more times before he totally leaves me to go to Okinawa.

The first day I dropped him off went on forever. I woke up at 4 in the morning to drive him down to Richmond for him just to head back north to Q-town area. The drive to my sisters was boring and lonely but thank God once I got there the baby kept me company. I wanted to avoid going home as long as possible it worked for about two days. Once I got home I went to bed and it felt empty, couldn't sleep and woke up way to early!!!

I've been lucky to have him call almost everyday! He tells me how happy he is but he misses me and loves me. I understand why he's so happy, he had told me that he always wanted to go back to Okinawa and he has found his way. Just means he'll be leaving me for 6 months, 29 weeks or about 200 days, however you want to count it. I like 29 weeks. Six months feels like its going to drag on forever and if I used 200 days I feel like it will be a little less then a year which again feels like forever. I will be seeing him in a few days for a weekend!!!!

I'm excited my Mommy loves me she's paying to get my hair and eye brows done so I look GOOD!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Japan it is!

After being gone for three days and not worrying about Cpl leaving saying 'Its okay they wont being calling you to leave to Japan with a few days left before they leave.'

Guess who just ate their words! Today about mid-afternoon we get a call from an Richmond number. Couldn't get to it in time and it went to voice mail. Wait a few minutes and no voice mail. I told him he should call the number and see what that was about. It was a SSgt who said that Cpl should come in on Monday and if anyone had told him what was going on. He said that he knew about a deployment that was leaving for Japan in October 7th. The SSgt let out a big laugh and said no more like this Saturday on the 1st of October. Cpl being who he is said he still wanted to go. So, the SSgt said 'I'll see you at 0830 to give you orders and a packing list.'

Ooo, man! We have a whole maybe 48hrs to get everything ready. I'm wishing him luck with this seeing as I haven't a clue what to do other then be there for him!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Afgan, Africa, Japan Oh My!

The other day the Gunny that was helping Cpl with his package to join the reserve unit out of Richmond called. She was just making sure that he understood that there was a possibility of him going away for six months of training. Which I know he wouldn't mind at all seeing as its in one of his favorite places Okinawa!

So, its hits me that he really wants to go on this training or on a deployment. I don't think I'm ready for the training much less the deployment. It scares the living SH%& out of me. Here is a short list of where he might be going Afgan, Africa or Japan. Hum, I like Japan I might be able to go on a trip to see him there, at least!

Well, for now I'll just have to wait and see what happens. SSgt and Gunny are trying to ship his ass out! Just waiting on orders. Which also puts a hold on the wedding. As soon as orders are dropped and we know whats going on we are getting married if not sooner...

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Lets me just start with that my sister did my engagement photos and I love how they came out couldn't be happier!
Here are a few of my favorites!-

Monday, August 8, 2011


Well, I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while it summer and that mean crazy hours with loads of stuff to do! I've been going to theme parks, beaches and on trips with my sister. So, I've failed at finding my niche this summer but I did find a new laptop along the way thanks to Cpl! Who says you don't need a upgrade every year. My mom loved it that I gave her my slightly used one year old laptop.

I will try and keep it current no promises till winter comes!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Cheese Beer Dip

I love this recipe! I made it for the 4th of July(from memory).

1 cup beer
1tbsp corn starch
Put in pot bring to boil
2 cups cheddar cheese(or more)-Slowly mix in let all melt before you add more.
1 tbsp Dijon Mustard
1 tbsp W-Sauce(the one that no one can say right)
1/2 cup cream cheese(or more)-Slowly mix in make sure all the way melted.
2 oz. Blue cheese(melt in)

Put the dip in a bread bowl when done. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

OMFG Van Round 2!

So, if you follow my blog you know I had issues getting my van in the first place! Well, the issues don't stop there...a couple days ago I got a call from the finance company saying that they can't pull our payments. I tell them I'm sorry but I can't do anything about it till Cpl gets home from work because bank account is in his name. 

Alright, so they can't pull the money from a savings but thankfully I had kept the money there so all we had to do was get a checking account. We waited a few days because Cpl had work. This morning we went to the bank made a checking account! Thats great thought we had done it all that was left was to call the van people.

NO, thats not it I find out while on the road that we have to fax them the information. Ok I can go to the bank real fast and have them send that. NO, again we run into a issue. The lady at the door tells us they can't fax and Cpl ask why. She says they just can't. Well, he doesn't take this for an answer he ask to the store manager. She then tells us they can't fax from the bank but can give us the stuff we need to fax. 

So with that out of the way I thought we were almost there and off we went to the office supply store. We tried to fax it. We tried about ten times I even called the company to check if we had the right number. Which we did.I grew upset as did Cpl. Then I had an idea something I use to do when I lived with my mom. I use to fax her stuff at work to poke fun/play with her. Called got the fax number and low and behold it went through to her.

I added a cover sheet to tell her what to do and that I loved her. She called as soon as she got it and laughed. Double check what she was supposed to send and sent it out. I thought she was not going to be able to send it like us. NOPE first try it went through. FML

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Damn You Koon's!

This past week we had gone to buy a new car. For anyone that has never done so it is a long process and very stressful at points. Our journey started by stopping in and looking one day. We were told to get our down payment together and all papers we would need together for the next day.

We got as much as we could together and went back the next day. We waited ALL day for the guy to finish up other deals he was working on and get to us. Little did we know communications were off. One guy thought we were waiting for stuff the other and we thought we were waiting for him to get done. Needless to say we spent all day there around 8pm when the dealership was closing. We finally life around 2am! We left in a mini van...

How we got the van with having NO kids!-

We had looked at a few cars and dreamed and drolled over them. For me it was an 2009 Vue(I wish) and for Cpl it was the Jeep Wrangler. Both of which way out of a price range! So, we looked at the cars that were with-in the price range. First car was an '06 Grand Prix. We both liked this one up until we were going to take it for a test drive.

First clue we didn't want it was before we could take it out they had to jump the car. Okay maybe it was just an old battery that can be fixed. Then the guy drove it to get gas...I watched as he drove away to see if any noise was coming out of it. Good news no noise. Bad news it started to smoke.

'Cpl please tell me its your smoke not the car!' I said.

'No. Its not mine. What are you talking about?'

'I see smoke coming out of the car.' while looking at the sales man I said this, 'We don't want it now take it to the shop this one isn't ready!'

Alright, on to the next 'HELL NO' car. This one we just flat out said no to... an 2000 Sunfire with 196,000...enough said. Bright side it was cheap as hell!

Last one...the mini van! It ran has less then 100,000 miles and doesn't smoke. WE HAVE A WINNER!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Marine Day 2011!

I went to Marine Day yesterday! This is something like 'Family Day' for them. oORah wife and I have been looking forward to this for the past month or so. The night before I spend the night with her playing games and drinking wine up to midnight. That was our mistake we had to wake up at 0430-ish with Cpl E. After getting the kids up and dressed we got in the car. We made our ways to drop him off at work, then find out where the babysitter lives and eat breakfast. We got all this done and back to LZ7 by 0720!

Well, that wasn't in time to get on Cpl E's bus. oORah wife and I got yelled at by a Sgt. We got on the other bus we thought if was safe to speak freely. This is when she was given the name 'Sgt PMS' by Rocker Girl. I met her in line one of oOrah Wife's friend. Rocker Girl was kick ass! We took pictures all together and settled into the bus. We did that a little to soon because Cpl E came and got his wife and me! He said he had two free seats on his bus.

Got on it and found no seats free this is when Cpl E asked a random couple if they wouldn't mind moving to another bus they didn't and moved buses. This is when he go pulled off the bus and another Sgt asked why Stg PMS had said oORah Wife had called her 'Sgt PMS'.  He 'yelled' at him.

After Colors we were off to Range 15. We got put into our sticks and oORah Wife and I had been put in stick 8 till  AG voluntold us that we moved to stick 34.  He got us all together told us what time everything was too happen and then put us on the stands to watch the 1st part of the Marine Day. It was full of things going 'boom'!

Then we were off to lunch. I found out what six dollars got me- one chicken sandwich, a bag of chips and a drink. I paid how much for that? After chow we went to the rides where you could ride in a AAV(Assault Amphibious Vehicle) or a humvee truck.
(this is the back of the AAV where Cpl E and oORah Wife sat)

(I sat where the guy is standing up)                               

We didn't get to take it in the water but we had a lot fun taking it in the mud! After we rode we walked over to the guns. I didn't shoot vary many this year but they had a lot. This is a picture of me from last year with the MK 19!

I am going to finish this up. I met a lot of cool people and had fun with everyone!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Cpl You Have a Deal!

Well, after a heated debate Cpl and I made a deal. I'm excited for this deal. Seeing as its hard to get a job with out a GED or some college I'm getting my GED soon. As soon as I get my GED we are going to run away and get married!

Thats not the good part of this deal. :) The best part of this deal is as soon as we are married he is signing over his benefits to me so I can go to college! So, the sooner I get my GED, the sooner we get married then sooner I'm in college! I can't wait! I am thinking of a few things to study-

  1. Criminal Justice
  2. Law
  3. Special Ed teacher
  4. Teacher
  5. Child Care
  6. Music
(From when I was in high school-Criminal Justice uniform)

Criminal Justice and Law are something I've always been into. I loved my classes in high school and I aced them! Just I think it might be hard to find a job in this field but once your in you make good money so thats something to think of.

The teacher ones are something I have also been into. My mother was a teacher and I helped her when I was younger I enjoyed it. But like the first two its hard to find jobs at first but in this economy jobs are hard to come by all together but its picking up(slowly)

Child Care-I love kids and if I'm watching other people little runts I'll be less likely to have my own. I mean I want my own but not right now.
(my tattoo!)
Music-not as job just this would just be something to keep me focused in school. Since like 5th grade I've been in a music class. I need music!

So there's my ideas I think there is more to come because as I think of it I want to study more! I can't wait hopefully the date I just emailed the lady about is open!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Damn you Wally World

Well, yesterday my Vue started to mess up for reasons unknown. :( I called my step dad he said it was the battery or the alternator. So I started with the cheap fix first the battery. When ooOrah wife and I took the cover from the battery housing we saw that it was a Wal-Mart brand battery. Looking closer it had a three year warranty.

I didn't own the Vue three years ago so I wouldn't have the sales ticket. I mean how could you expect someone who bought the car a little over a year ago to have a sales ticket from three years ago. So, Cpl told me that he's seen battery's replaced without the ticket before. I went to Wal-Mart with Boo-Boo in hope that I could get it replaced and hoped that it was the problem.

When I go there I talked to a women who said no ticket no new battery. So, being my mothers daughter I would not take no for an answer. 'How do you except me to have the ticket if I bought the car a year ago and the battery that was bought in Oct O8.' I said.

" '08, '09, '10, '11..." she started to count the years.

"Ma'am you don't count 2008 seeing as that is the year the battery was bought that year."

" '09, '10, '11 still three years ago..."

"No, seeing as Oct has not come yet it is still under warranty." I hate when there is a language gap. She still did not believe me. Had to ask the guy next to her that had watched this going on. He agreed it hasn't been three years yet. Finally they replaced it for free it seem to help the Vue but then it started blinking. Now I have no idea what to do I need to make sure everything is tight now. Wish me luck!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vacation Crafting!

Well, the other night my sister asked if I was free for the weekend to go on a vacation with her. I knew that I would be watching kids but hey a free vacation I like! From the go it was a little stressful but had to get pass all the packing, the sitting in the back of the van with four kids, the throw up and the explosive poops(poor Boo-Boo was sick) it had been fun so far! While on Assateague Island looking for wild ponies we found a gift shop. Under all the usual gift shop junk I found something very cool...

Comes with 12 sheets of blue sun paper and an acrylic sheet. To start you find something you want to imprint on the paper. I should have read this step better because when using 3d objects you omit the acrylic sheet now all my things have a funny line. OOOPPPS Sarah is a little special! Well nevertheless you layer it acrylic sheet(not for use with 3d objects!), the object or negative black and white picture, the Sunprint paper blue side up and then a piece of cardboard.
 Boo-Boo was doing this with me and picked the hotel key.
 This is the little twig I picked.(sorry about the foot!)
After picking what you want you need to leave it in the sun for 1-5 minutes depending on what effect you want and the sun light it is getting. I left mine out for 5 minutes. 

Then you need to wash it. Then lay flat to dry.

This is the end result! I plan on framing then and putting them up in my room. I will add pictures later to this blog.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mass Effect 2!

Mass Effect 2!

I like this game but as far as playing it is hard for me. I play 1st person shooters. So, when trying to play a 3rd person shooter its like oil and water. Doesn't mix well.

Thankfully I have Cpl to help me though. I like to watch him play this game its more like a movie to me. This is a game that a couple can enjoy together. Although you can not have two player co-op, who ever is better at this type of game can play and the other can watch and enjoy. The first part of this game starts out slow. Most games do though so they can teach you the controls and get a little of the back story, if any, but once under way the story line is addicting! I am a little mad though because Cpl has kept playing either while I am asleep or out. So, now I am missing bits and pieces of the story.

That is why I started my own game so that I can get all of the story just not parts. The controls are easy and there is a setting for people like me. It is called 'Causal'. That means you just want the story and not all the big, long drawn out guns fights. When on this setting you get less enemies and they are easier to kill. I go for this setting because like I said I suck at 3rd person shooters but like the stories!

The Con's-As far as graphics are concerned...the space and the cinematic's are amazing but...when you are flying above the ground  it pixelate  the closer you get to it. It only does that on the grass-y parts but for some reason it doesn't happen when there is grass on rocks. Another thing that I don't like too much is when you have new content in the 'Codex' and 'Journal' it flash. I would have liked it a lot better if that didn't happen its annoying.

Lets Refine my Niche List!

Let see in a month I have blogged about-

  1. Reading
  2. Video Games
  3. Board Games
  4. Painting by  numbers
  5. Flea Market Style
I still have ten more topics to blog about but at this point I want to look back at what I have done. I am in a sence reflecting on the topics, so please bare with me.

1. Reading- I thought this would be more fun I just can't seem to get into to any books right now. So, no more reading I don't have enough to blog about on this topic.

2. Video Game- I love video games I'm trying to play Mass Effect 2 right now I'll let you know how that one ends.

3. Board games-I only like doing with friends. Kind of hard to play one on your own.

4. Painting by Numbers- I like to paint and it is fun just can't blog about it. For some reason I don't know what to say!(for those of you who know me know that it is rare I'm at a lose for words.)

5. Flea Market Style-Like the other topics it was fun but I live in a room right now. When I have a house I can decorate I might pick this topic back up.

I still haven't found what my blog is going to be about but I'm only a month into blogging. Not bad for being new, I think. I might revisit a few of these topics but I'm going to keep looking for my niche. Wish me luck!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Old post re-done!

Old post from myspace redoing it just a little...

She told him "Just hold me tightly, just pretend to love me and want me, I just want to feel like someone truly wants me the way I am. Can you do that?"

He looked at her with wide eyes and said "Why would I do that if you know its lie?"

"Because it still feels nice even just for a minute to feel like someone wants you. I know its not in your nature to love." she said coolly.

He sat there and thought of how it was nice to feel wanted but then he saw something in her eyes that he knew he couldn't live without. "If I do this," he started "Will you promise me you'll be here in the morning?"

"Why if I know its a lie would I stay till moring?"

"Because maybe thats how I wanted it to be at first?"

"Why a sudden change of heart?"

"I looked in your eyes and saw all the pain, all the sadness and yet I saw your yearning for pure happiness under it all. You have such I wonderful open heart and yet for some reason everyone only see the fake smile and the pain that you somehow hide at first but it always is in your eyes."

"You would still want me after you know how much I've been through and how much it has scared me?"

"Yes," he said defiantly, "I would because I know how it feels when you have no one and nothing to live for." He drew in a deep long lasting breath and threw his arms around her and said, "I want you to never feel that way again."

"And how would you know what it feels like?" she asked peering up into his beautiful green eyes, and she could see it the pain hidden deep inside of him.

"Because I have loved and lost it all because I had no idea what I was really to losing. I see it in your eyes. All that I lost and all that I want." he mused as he looked at her face. He saw a shy little smirk as she stood there thinking of what to say.

Just as he had done a few seconds earlier she drew in a deep breath, all the while thinking. Thinking of how nice it would be to be in his arm forever. She felt his arms tighten around  her. She gasped and said, "And if I promise to still be here in the morning will you promise me something?"

"Yes, anything!" He agreed without hesitation.

"Will you promise to love me?" She said with a slight hesitation. She saw the wheels turning in his eyes. She backed out of his hug. Only for him to pull her back in with fast tug.

"Only if we can be like this all the time."

"Be like what?"

"This close, this honest and caring."

"I will try my best."

"And so as will I"

They stood there in there heart felt embrace. He picked her up and carried her in the room and ever so gently laid her on the warm bed. He got into the bed with her and held her tight fearing that if he ever let go he would lose her. He didn't sleep that night he watched her as she dreamed. She had a expression of pain written on her face. As he saw this she awoke from the dream saying, "PLEASE don't leave me!" Then she burst into tears when she saw that he was still holding her tightly.

Paint by Numbers

 I should say color by numbers though. This past week that I have been gone I have been working and working on the color by numbers! Seeing as I can't draw to save my life the color by numbers comes in handy. It is hard to get all the details down but over all easy.
I would say that you should buy the color by numbers that they have and don't use the paint one. Because it is harder to color on the canvas. I'm in the middle of painting one I will post it later! (Sorry so short not much more to say about this subject I will post again soon!)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Sims Medieval!

Sorry, I haven't posted in a while I was too wrapped up in Sims Medieval! For the Sim people this is a new way to play. I have always wanted to take my Sims back in time and have even been guilty of buying the castle add ons for Sims 3.

This Sims game takes you back to the Sims Stories where it gives you paths and goals to complete and if you don't your 'Hero' sims is thrown into the 'Pit of Judgment'. Which I love it is an awesome beast! There are many quest to pick from and play.

The thing I love the most is how you play. You only play the sims that are important to your quest. Which means it you 'WooWho' a lot and make many babies you don't have to play them but you still have to feed the baby I think....I all know is that they have gone from baby to child! I will write more as my game goes on...if I find cheat s I will share!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

OOOO Memories!

Like I do in my spare time I was searching blog ideas in the pursuit of finding my niche! I stumbled upon such a simple idea. -Revisit things that you have already written and update and edit them! So, I went through old blogs I had written years ago on the social dinosaur MySpace. I think once a week I will go down memory lane. Here goes...

She is up before the alarm goes off. She has already been reliving the night before in her head. She knows that this is a rare feeling to have, one of total helplessness. In her head she knows that this will not happen often.

BEEP BEEP BEEP 'Shut up' she thinks. She didn't want to move. He starts to stir. BEEP BEEP BEEP. 'Time slow down I don't want him to get up!'  She likes the feeling of his arms around her.

He reaches over top of her to hit the alarm. He gives her a light kiss on the forehead. He knows that face, she doesn't want to move and he knows it. 'God I wish I didn't have to work. I don't want to leave I wonder if she knows that.' He hops out of bed and heads for the showers.

She's still burried under the covers trying to think of what to say. 'Wow, I hate this early moring crap. Why can't he have a normal job?' She thinks. She hides under the cover as he comes out of the bathroom he tries not to let too much light into the room. He's dressed before she knows it, as he sits on the side of the bed she hops up and puts her legs around and slowly rubs his back. She starts to kiss his back as he turns to get a kiss on his lips. They both know this is the last time they will see each for a week or more but they choose this. They choose each other.   

As I was rereading/rewriting this I remember the night I wrote this. A guy I was dating at the time had told me something that meant many changes. As I laid  beside him in bed he asked if I would wait for him.  I questioned this what was I waiting for? He then told me he was going to be delpolyed soon. I had to think about it and in the end I told him that it would be unfair for both of us. We hadn't been dating but more then a month I couldn't in my right mind expect us to work out that long.  

'Lovely Bones'

I'm in the middle of another book but 'Lovely Bones'  I've read before just wanted to keep the blog updated! :)

Lovely Bones is an amazing book of how far a fathers love can  transcends space and time. It defies all reason! At times throughout this book people think he is crazy to be searching for a killer and the body of his dead daughter. This book takes many twist and turns. At times it is a little bit unbelievable at points as far as a ghost controlling another persons body. As in Loose Girl the imagery is amazing!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Guns Save Lives?!?

I had the pleasure of going to a gun show in my area. I went with my Dad, Cpl. and Cpl. M. I was sad I still haven't met Cpl M's wife!(ooo well I'll met her sooner or later!) The fun started off early when we saw this.....

If you could read it- the guns he's holding and one in bag are for sale. 
  • M70-$574.99
  • M10-$649.99
  • Mark V-$1224.99
  • Ticket to gun show-$10
Now how much could he have earned for spending just $10? Thats right a lot. I now know spend a little earn more!

I wish I would have thought of this marketing ploy! We saw many signs like this throughout the gun show but couldn't take pictures inside. This show had many awesome guns and more! I found a pink and chrome .38 special stub nose I would love to have and pink stalk and barrel that I could put on a thing that looks like a M4. I have to ask Cpl what it is later but right now he's busy watching dumb people doing stupid stuff on the TV.(LOL)

My Dad was like a ninja so most the time I spent with Cpl and Cpl M. I was given a sticker by one of the creepy old men there. The sticker said 'Guns Save Lives'. Is this true? I think its a half truth. I heard this earlier 'Its not the invention that is inherently evil its the people who use it.'. I love gun rights but I think the laws should be tighten just a little as far as known criminals and people with known mental issues not being able to obtain guns. I know it wont stop the crime but nor will getting rid of them all together. Boss Man, Cpl and I have had many heated debates with Boss Mans employ TJ. TJ says that guns should be outlawed to stop crime, Boss Man said it was the people not the guns to blame. I said was there no crimes before guns? No, thats right crime started before the invention of guns.

In the other room at the gun show Cpl saw his love from TV Amy from Lizard Lick Towing! He stayed for a good few minutes staring at her! This is where I recall saying 'OH you can look at her all you wont on TV. Not like your ever going to have the chance to meet her in person!'. Hum, now I know not to say that again! So, needless to say he enjoyed that room. All and all I had fun with everyone there and hope to go again soon to get that pink .38 special stub nose with pink holster! 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Game Night!

Last night while over at Cpl E and ooORah wife's house we played a few games!

First game we played was Lair's Dice. This game is hard to get at first but well worth it! It's dice version of BullShit. You start off with 5 dice per player in a cup.  Like so...

(ooOrah wife took this picture! Thanks!)
Our game is played with four player. Which means 20 dice on the table to begin. Shake the cup bump dice onto table with cup covering them(you don't want other players seeing your dice.). You bet against each others dice. The bet must increase by 1 or more each time. Example first call was one two. Next bet could be two two's or one three. Doesn't matter what number increases as long as one number does. Bets go around till some calls out 'lair'. 

When 'lair' is called out by someone everyone picks up their cups and count the number of dice that pertain to the bet. If the bet was 8 six's, you count all the six's. The bet can be spot on or higher then the first number to win. For example if their were 7 six's the person who bet 8 six's would lose a die. On the flip side of that if there was  8 six's or more the person who said 'lair' would lose a die. The game continues till one person has dice/die left.

This is a simple game you can make your own. ooOrah wife has awesome pirates dice but I want pretty pink ones! So, have fun make it you're own!

He Will Always Be a Cpl!

Alright, this goes out to all the Marines significant others. It doesn't matter if you're a fiancé(like me) or a wife.  Every Marine knows many truths to be true but this one particular truth will stay with them for as long as they live!-

            'Once a Marine, ALWAYS a Marine!'

I am a very proud of my fiancé  a Combat Veteran of the Marine Corp! He is in the IRR(Individual Ready Reserve). He can still 'play' Marine. I call it this because in the IRR he can chose to go and do drills and a deployment, if he wanted to! He reminds me of this quite often. He could still pick up rank if he worked at it. As much as a would like to see his sexy little ass in cammies he says 'I've served my Corps if it needs me it will call me back.'. Which I hope it wont come calling that means a 7 months of hardship. I've been through no more then three months without him before. 

The reason I explained all of that is I DO NOT like it when people don't treat him as such. I've personally heard it from a few and each time I utter the same phrase and leave it at that...

                  'Once a Marine, ALWAYS a Marine!'

I heard a 'ex' Army cat say Cpl was an 'ex' Marine and not a Cpl. I don't know Army lingo but in the Marine culture(which it is a culture in and of its self) we call these so called 'ex' Marines former or prior Marines!(Just so you know NEVER EVER call a prior Marine an 'ex' Marine! He will unleash a hell you have never seen! This is something I have seen Cpl do. ) I even before I met an active duty Marine I had a GySgt as a boss I called him GySgt when I first clocked in each day. He really appreciated such a simple greeting. He said it was nice someone would address as the rank he worked hard to earn.   

Like most wives and fiancé I deal with the after math of a deployment. One newly married Marine wife was going on about the tremors her husband had experienced a few nights before. Seeing as I sleep next to a combat vet. I tried to relate to her and give rather funny stories of Cpl's tremors. My story fell upon deaf ears. The reasoning behind this was in her mind Cpl was out of the Marines and he no longer had tremors. I find this funny if only these things worked like that. It would help me out a a great deal. I hate seeing him in pain...not as physical pain but the emotional pain the deployment caused him. If her rational was the truth he would no longer have these at times scary and painful tremors.  

I only wish that some people will understand that as a Marine if you earn your rank you keep it when you are discharged.  

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

'Loose Girl' Doesn't Mean Whore!

'For everyone who was that girl.
For everyone who knew that girl.
For everyone who wondered who that girl was.' (

I found this quote in the publishers comments about the book 'Loose Girl'. If you knew that 'girl' you most likely thought she was a whore. If you wounder who that 'girl' was you didn't understand her. If you were that girl you knew what it felt like to be SO addicted to mens attention, not the sex but the feeling of being wanted and loved. To actually feel as if for even for a brief moment you were loved. For some of the 'broken toys', like me, you just want to feel the nice soft tender touch of a man. Something that wont scar you again, for life. 

(Most people who are sexually assaulted go one of two ways. They either close themselves up so they can't be hurt or wont be judged or the are overly sexual and crave the opposite sex attention. And most blame their-selves. I did for a while then came to realization that is was the sick twisted persons fault not mine!)

I knew a few girls that where that 'girl' but unlike most third party person viewers looking in it looked bad like that girl didn't know her self worth. Well, I'm here to say I was that 'girl' and like in the book I had friends that looked at me as if I was a whore. Then I found some that were like me. 

'Loose Girl: A Memoir of Promiscuity' made me reflect on the choices I've made and the circumstances that drew me to make said choices. I'm not pretending to by a Saint or by any means want to kid myself and buy a white wedding dress. My friends that were 'virgins' didn't understand why I loved and craved  mens attention. I didn't like the little boys at my school so I out sourced and thank God I did! I saw so many girls reputations ruined because boys loved to brag. I didn't want that for myself so I kept my personal life out of school but my virgin friend knew all.(You know who you are.) Thankfully, she kept it under wraps.(Thanks JK).

I wasn't so lucky when I got out though I didn't lead a double life anymore one where in school I was a A and B student that was a good girl and outside of that the women that would try and find guys. So, again I out sourced. This time to another state. I went on many wonderful first dates. Without fail each time they wouldn't call the next day. It ate at me I was trying to figure out what I was doing wrong I was to the cool games hot chick. So, after much thought I figured it out I wasn't giving myself up to them. Is that what men wanted? Sex thats it? I tried it a few time to let go and give it to them in hopes of keeping them as a boyfriend. IT DIDN'T WORK!

With this plan they would call back and want more but thats all they wanted. It became so bad at one point one of these boys dropped me and married his pregnant girlfriend. Which I DID NOT know he had. He kept me as a friend just so he could have me 'entertain' buddies of his. Me being the smart girl that I am I caught on the first night. Each buddy of his that I hung out with I would give this warning-"I WILL not sleep with you tonight. I want to see if it will turn into something more then a one night stand. And we will tell LCpl JD that we had the most wild and rough sex ever.' It worked I found great guy friends this way and one night I even found my fiancée while he was still in the Marines.(I miss his ass in cammies it was hot!)

I would recommended this book to everyone! It just might give you a different view on 'that girl'. For some of its readers it might drum up unwanted memories but could help them deal with circumstances that were thrown upon them. Her story sometime run through a gambit of emotions. She has away to make you, either for the first time or again, feel the longing, desperation and the stress of uncertainty. In the end she gives it a kind of good feeling. She over came what plagued her in youth to become a successful woman she is today.

P.S. I did have a few relationships but none lasted more then 11 months. Till Cpl we are going on two years in July!


Thats it! Thats it! Thats it I can't blog about 'Flea Market Style' anymore! I tried my hand at it but its not me. Well, not yet I don't think I need more money to shop. So, off to find something I can do for lets cross 'FMS' off my list.....
                                 12. Flea Market shopping
There done! I think I am going to try...

                                 2. Reading
I am in the middle of Loose Girl. Its scary makes me think of my youth and things I shouldn't have done. I will write a review of it later. Then I will try my hand at read my way through my sister books. No, I will not be reviewing 'The Twilight Saga'. I read the books and they were great but I don't like the movies all that much. With any luck I can finish Loose Girl tonight.

Decorating with 'Flea Market Style'

Well, this is the practicalities of 'FMS' its a cheap and cute way to decorate.

In this picture I have some personal items mixed with flea market finds! Time to play 'I spy'! First thing I love is the bed sheet folded as a flag. It's one of my favoirte memories with Cpl! So, I don't bore you(if I haven't done so already) here's the short version-One night in the first months of dating Cpl and I folded it together. It has stayed in that shape for two years now!(I know I would barf too! LOL)

If you didn't see this in the picture above pay attention! Just kidding! This is a flea market find. It was I think $2.50. I don't know if it works as a lamp, I'm to scared to try! Although, it might not be a good score of light its PINK!!!!!!!!(for those of you that don't know me PINK is my favorite color!)

Okay, Okay I know what your thinking 'A train ticket?!?!?!' Well, I paid a lot of money for that train ride why wouldn't I keep the ticket as a keepsake? It's sometimes as simple as a train/movie ticket that means a a lot to you. I think its a cute personal touch personally! The hair bow is something I made. It reminds me of my sister trying her best to teach me how to craft.(If you like the bow and would like one made leave a comment and I will give my sister the information.)

This WAS snow globe before Cpl tried his hand at cleaning and moving our room around without adult supervision. I got a teary Cpl on the phone crying, 'I broke it! You're going to hurt me!'.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Flea Market Stuff

A few things I got at the flea market.(Not the cross stitch bears Cici Mia made that for me!) I love the Avon perfume bottle and the 'Darn It' sock thing. My sister told me what it was for, I forgot! :)  The pink vase was just awesome! All together everything I got in this picture was less then $5! Hum, I think I'm going to like 'Flea Market Style!'

Flea Market Style!

Well, one of my topics was 'Flea Market Shopping'. I found a magazine in the bathroom literacy pile. It got me thinking about the topic. I did not know that flea market finds where a style all its own.

This revelation takes me back to last summer when Cpl and I just got a room that we could decorate. Cici Mia was ecstatic at the thought of 'yardsale-ing' and going to flea markets. We found great stuff but I never knew that this was so popular. Cpl even redid a lamp Cici Mia and I bought. I even found some Avon perfume dolls that made me cry at the memory of our old farm. When my sister and I entering ourselves by playing with them(we didn't have doll houses at that point). I couldn't help but to think of awesome late 90's songs played on my sisters state of cd player.

Collectable 1970's Avon Bottles Pictures, Images and Photos
(not the bottles I got but basic idea till I can get pictures of mine)

Maybe there is another side to flea market shopping. An emotional side where you never know what you are going to find it just might take you back to great memories! I wonder if there are people that are out there just hopping to find such items. I wonder if I will ever find something that emotionally attached to again? So, my goal for the summer to go to a few and see if I can match that first experience!

 As I said before it has its own magazine and I just found 'Flea Market Styles' blog.( I like some of the items they have posted. I don't know if I will get that into the projects but we will see!

Finding my Niche

My sister gave me a idea to get more readers. Find a niche but how does one find their niche. Its not given to them in an E-mail. So, I had the brain child of writing about my adventure while trying to find my 'Blogging Niche'.

I have no idea if I should do it by week or what kind of time line for trying new things. I think I'm going to play it by ear for now.

Ideas so far-

  1. Cooking(I hate to cook so this one might be last)
  2. Reading
  3. Video gaming
  4. Old school cartoons
  5. Old movies
  6. Musicals
  7. Diets 
  8. Wedding stuff(this will most likely be mixed in seeing as my sister and my weddings are so close)
  9. Crafting 
  10. Cross stitching 
  11. Board games
  12. Flee Market shopping
  13. Photography
  14. Trashy Gossip(LMFAO about Snooki!)
  15. Painting by numbers!
As I read the list to my sister the kids are playing. All of a sudden I hear BooBoo saying "I'm crafting for a show! Doodle you'll like my show!" LOL!

Well, as far as what to do first I need help!?!?! Any suggestion?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Let the Insanity Begin

The time rolled around for Cpl to go to class with hugs and kisses he's on his way. I stay home for a little and finish cleaning up. Then I'm on my way to my sister singing to an old chorus CD my teacher had made so we could learn songs. As I drive I find it funny that I have put SO much into the speakers and radio head for me just to blast Broadway musicals! Yes, thats me driving a little too fast and singing way too loud!

I get to my sisters and the kids are running all over Boo Boo's giving me attitude but I just ignore it. Stinky is playing games when he should be doing homework. I'm told by Boss Man(sisters soon to be husband) that Stinky is to clean up and do homework. Great here comes mean Lala. My sister loves to make me the evil one but it gets results, sometimes. I get the word I'm watching all four kids tonight...FML. 'Let the insanity begin!'

The insanity starts before they even leave Boo Boo is yelling at me because 'Daddy didn't let her watch a game'. Somehow this is my fault. Stinky is trying to pass off three sentences as a short story as I'm trying to help him Doodle comes running by crying that he doesn't want to go to bed(day light saving time enough said). Well, after much yelling and 5 counts Doodle and Boo Boo got in bed.

Great now just Stinky and Baby its going to be easy all I have to do is put a new butt on Baby and get Stinky to write a paper. NOT easy Baby eats his carrot nastyness too fast and I don't want to feed him more Cici Mia might want to top him off when she gets home. So, he's crying and I can't stop him Stinky is over at the table yelling at Baby and me and just pissed that he doesn't understand the homework. I had enough with Stinky's yelling and him cutting me off when I'm trying to help him.
"STINK (ADD MIDDLE AND LAST NAME HERE) I'VE HAD ENOUGH. YOU WILL LISTEN TO ME AND STOP TALKING I'M TRYING TO HELP YOU!" Now if you HAVE ever heard me yell you know that its loud and sometimes scary. Tonight was just the same. Stinky starts crying that I scared him and I told him that I was sorry and that he had to listen because I was trying to help him. Well, after I got him settled Baby started up again. I go in the playroom where it is kind of dark and start rocking him. That didn't work so I started to sign, great now the years in chorus can pay off. They didn't they just messed me up I couldn't think of any baby lullaby's. So, I start singing Silent Night in German. It worked! He started to clam down at which point Stinky started up again! Now, he's just yelling I can't take two crying babies so I send Stinky to bed and tell him he'll have to finish the rest of the work later in the week. 
Thank God I got just one crying baby to worry about and Silent Night is still working slowly I make my way to his room and lay him down.
YAY no kids! BUT wait! I go in the boys room to get Stinky so we can work a little more on the paper and Doodle is playing with a doll house on the floor. I put him in bed then check on BooBoo. I head towards her room and see no nothing on her bed. 'OH CRAP where did she go?' I ask myself.
"Now, where in the world are you BooBoo??" I call out.
And in a sweet little voice she answers "Taking a POOP Lala!" Oh, I'm guessing I should have known!

Code Names...

Everyone needs code names!!! 

My sister-Cici Mia(kindly given to her by our little sister)
My sisters kids- her oldest-Wow I can't think of one for him get back to that one later.
                       -her only daughter-Boo Boo
                       -Middle boy- Doodle bug
                       -Baby boy-Baby
My Mom- She will be known by many names Smoke Stacks, Wicked Witch and of course Mommy.
My step Dad- Limp Gimp
My Dad- Just Dad
My step Mom-SanPac(LOL Just remembering my Dad at Boo Boo's birthday party making a plate for SanPac when I asked who he was making it for Cpl said 'His pet!' HAHAHA SanPac is a pet of sorts!)

Last but not lease my fiancée- Cpl(he will always be Cpl A to me!)

Like my sister all others will be addressed by initials.

Well, of to my sisters to babysit!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lets Get This Started!

Well, this is the first time in a long time I have put my thought into writing. I miss doing it on MySpace it gave me a place to put what I wanted to tell everyone but couldn't for fear of being judged. Well, this is a fresh start!

My name is Sarah, I have two sisters and one brother. My parents are for another blog.. I have a fiancée.((all names will be changed as my sister did in her blog) No I'm not a copy cat, although she may say that I am!) Well, back to my fiancée we are getting married in the early fall a little less then a month after my older sister. We are an odd couple but we do love each other. As I type this he's watching an awful 80's movie on NetFlix. He came over to read what I was typing said 'Aw thats cute' before losing interest but thats what I like about him he doesn't hover.

 Now I only talk to one of my siblings it hurts not being able to talk to the other two but I can't take back what the adults in my life have done as much as I wish I could. As far as sisters go I think I could never do better then my Cici Mia! She supports me and believes in me. At times I may be at odds with her but I can always count on her.(and I can see it when she reads this she will smile and go 'aw your Lala loves me!' to what ever kid happens to be with her) At times she may push me to do things I rather not do but it helps me grow as an adult. Like the time she begged me to be BooBoo's cheer leading coach. It was something I will never do again but I learned a lot from it! Thanks Cici Mia!