Monday, March 14, 2011

Let the Insanity Begin

The time rolled around for Cpl to go to class with hugs and kisses he's on his way. I stay home for a little and finish cleaning up. Then I'm on my way to my sister singing to an old chorus CD my teacher had made so we could learn songs. As I drive I find it funny that I have put SO much into the speakers and radio head for me just to blast Broadway musicals! Yes, thats me driving a little too fast and singing way too loud!

I get to my sisters and the kids are running all over Boo Boo's giving me attitude but I just ignore it. Stinky is playing games when he should be doing homework. I'm told by Boss Man(sisters soon to be husband) that Stinky is to clean up and do homework. Great here comes mean Lala. My sister loves to make me the evil one but it gets results, sometimes. I get the word I'm watching all four kids tonight...FML. 'Let the insanity begin!'

The insanity starts before they even leave Boo Boo is yelling at me because 'Daddy didn't let her watch a game'. Somehow this is my fault. Stinky is trying to pass off three sentences as a short story as I'm trying to help him Doodle comes running by crying that he doesn't want to go to bed(day light saving time enough said). Well, after much yelling and 5 counts Doodle and Boo Boo got in bed.

Great now just Stinky and Baby its going to be easy all I have to do is put a new butt on Baby and get Stinky to write a paper. NOT easy Baby eats his carrot nastyness too fast and I don't want to feed him more Cici Mia might want to top him off when she gets home. So, he's crying and I can't stop him Stinky is over at the table yelling at Baby and me and just pissed that he doesn't understand the homework. I had enough with Stinky's yelling and him cutting me off when I'm trying to help him.
"STINK (ADD MIDDLE AND LAST NAME HERE) I'VE HAD ENOUGH. YOU WILL LISTEN TO ME AND STOP TALKING I'M TRYING TO HELP YOU!" Now if you HAVE ever heard me yell you know that its loud and sometimes scary. Tonight was just the same. Stinky starts crying that I scared him and I told him that I was sorry and that he had to listen because I was trying to help him. Well, after I got him settled Baby started up again. I go in the playroom where it is kind of dark and start rocking him. That didn't work so I started to sign, great now the years in chorus can pay off. They didn't they just messed me up I couldn't think of any baby lullaby's. So, I start singing Silent Night in German. It worked! He started to clam down at which point Stinky started up again! Now, he's just yelling I can't take two crying babies so I send Stinky to bed and tell him he'll have to finish the rest of the work later in the week. 
Thank God I got just one crying baby to worry about and Silent Night is still working slowly I make my way to his room and lay him down.
YAY no kids! BUT wait! I go in the boys room to get Stinky so we can work a little more on the paper and Doodle is playing with a doll house on the floor. I put him in bed then check on BooBoo. I head towards her room and see no nothing on her bed. 'OH CRAP where did she go?' I ask myself.
"Now, where in the world are you BooBoo??" I call out.
And in a sweet little voice she answers "Taking a POOP Lala!" Oh, I'm guessing I should have known!

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