Friday, March 18, 2011

Game Night!

Last night while over at Cpl E and ooORah wife's house we played a few games!

First game we played was Lair's Dice. This game is hard to get at first but well worth it! It's dice version of BullShit. You start off with 5 dice per player in a cup.  Like so...

(ooOrah wife took this picture! Thanks!)
Our game is played with four player. Which means 20 dice on the table to begin. Shake the cup bump dice onto table with cup covering them(you don't want other players seeing your dice.). You bet against each others dice. The bet must increase by 1 or more each time. Example first call was one two. Next bet could be two two's or one three. Doesn't matter what number increases as long as one number does. Bets go around till some calls out 'lair'. 

When 'lair' is called out by someone everyone picks up their cups and count the number of dice that pertain to the bet. If the bet was 8 six's, you count all the six's. The bet can be spot on or higher then the first number to win. For example if their were 7 six's the person who bet 8 six's would lose a die. On the flip side of that if there was  8 six's or more the person who said 'lair' would lose a die. The game continues till one person has dice/die left.

This is a simple game you can make your own. ooOrah wife has awesome pirates dice but I want pretty pink ones! So, have fun make it you're own!

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