Sunday, April 10, 2011

Old post re-done!

Old post from myspace redoing it just a little...

She told him "Just hold me tightly, just pretend to love me and want me, I just want to feel like someone truly wants me the way I am. Can you do that?"

He looked at her with wide eyes and said "Why would I do that if you know its lie?"

"Because it still feels nice even just for a minute to feel like someone wants you. I know its not in your nature to love." she said coolly.

He sat there and thought of how it was nice to feel wanted but then he saw something in her eyes that he knew he couldn't live without. "If I do this," he started "Will you promise me you'll be here in the morning?"

"Why if I know its a lie would I stay till moring?"

"Because maybe thats how I wanted it to be at first?"

"Why a sudden change of heart?"

"I looked in your eyes and saw all the pain, all the sadness and yet I saw your yearning for pure happiness under it all. You have such I wonderful open heart and yet for some reason everyone only see the fake smile and the pain that you somehow hide at first but it always is in your eyes."

"You would still want me after you know how much I've been through and how much it has scared me?"

"Yes," he said defiantly, "I would because I know how it feels when you have no one and nothing to live for." He drew in a deep long lasting breath and threw his arms around her and said, "I want you to never feel that way again."

"And how would you know what it feels like?" she asked peering up into his beautiful green eyes, and she could see it the pain hidden deep inside of him.

"Because I have loved and lost it all because I had no idea what I was really to losing. I see it in your eyes. All that I lost and all that I want." he mused as he looked at her face. He saw a shy little smirk as she stood there thinking of what to say.

Just as he had done a few seconds earlier she drew in a deep breath, all the while thinking. Thinking of how nice it would be to be in his arm forever. She felt his arms tighten around  her. She gasped and said, "And if I promise to still be here in the morning will you promise me something?"

"Yes, anything!" He agreed without hesitation.

"Will you promise to love me?" She said with a slight hesitation. She saw the wheels turning in his eyes. She backed out of his hug. Only for him to pull her back in with fast tug.

"Only if we can be like this all the time."

"Be like what?"

"This close, this honest and caring."

"I will try my best."

"And so as will I"

They stood there in there heart felt embrace. He picked her up and carried her in the room and ever so gently laid her on the warm bed. He got into the bed with her and held her tight fearing that if he ever let go he would lose her. He didn't sleep that night he watched her as she dreamed. She had a expression of pain written on her face. As he saw this she awoke from the dream saying, "PLEASE don't leave me!" Then she burst into tears when she saw that he was still holding her tightly.

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