Friday, April 22, 2011

Damn you Wally World

Well, yesterday my Vue started to mess up for reasons unknown. :( I called my step dad he said it was the battery or the alternator. So I started with the cheap fix first the battery. When ooOrah wife and I took the cover from the battery housing we saw that it was a Wal-Mart brand battery. Looking closer it had a three year warranty.

I didn't own the Vue three years ago so I wouldn't have the sales ticket. I mean how could you expect someone who bought the car a little over a year ago to have a sales ticket from three years ago. So, Cpl told me that he's seen battery's replaced without the ticket before. I went to Wal-Mart with Boo-Boo in hope that I could get it replaced and hoped that it was the problem.

When I go there I talked to a women who said no ticket no new battery. So, being my mothers daughter I would not take no for an answer. 'How do you except me to have the ticket if I bought the car a year ago and the battery that was bought in Oct O8.' I said.

" '08, '09, '10, '11..." she started to count the years.

"Ma'am you don't count 2008 seeing as that is the year the battery was bought that year."

" '09, '10, '11 still three years ago..."

"No, seeing as Oct has not come yet it is still under warranty." I hate when there is a language gap. She still did not believe me. Had to ask the guy next to her that had watched this going on. He agreed it hasn't been three years yet. Finally they replaced it for free it seem to help the Vue but then it started blinking. Now I have no idea what to do I need to make sure everything is tight now. Wish me luck!

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