Monday, April 25, 2011

Cpl You Have a Deal!

Well, after a heated debate Cpl and I made a deal. I'm excited for this deal. Seeing as its hard to get a job with out a GED or some college I'm getting my GED soon. As soon as I get my GED we are going to run away and get married!

Thats not the good part of this deal. :) The best part of this deal is as soon as we are married he is signing over his benefits to me so I can go to college! So, the sooner I get my GED, the sooner we get married then sooner I'm in college! I can't wait! I am thinking of a few things to study-

  1. Criminal Justice
  2. Law
  3. Special Ed teacher
  4. Teacher
  5. Child Care
  6. Music
(From when I was in high school-Criminal Justice uniform)

Criminal Justice and Law are something I've always been into. I loved my classes in high school and I aced them! Just I think it might be hard to find a job in this field but once your in you make good money so thats something to think of.

The teacher ones are something I have also been into. My mother was a teacher and I helped her when I was younger I enjoyed it. But like the first two its hard to find jobs at first but in this economy jobs are hard to come by all together but its picking up(slowly)

Child Care-I love kids and if I'm watching other people little runts I'll be less likely to have my own. I mean I want my own but not right now.
(my tattoo!)
Music-not as job just this would just be something to keep me focused in school. Since like 5th grade I've been in a music class. I need music!

So there's my ideas I think there is more to come because as I think of it I want to study more! I can't wait hopefully the date I just emailed the lady about is open!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Damn you Wally World

Well, yesterday my Vue started to mess up for reasons unknown. :( I called my step dad he said it was the battery or the alternator. So I started with the cheap fix first the battery. When ooOrah wife and I took the cover from the battery housing we saw that it was a Wal-Mart brand battery. Looking closer it had a three year warranty.

I didn't own the Vue three years ago so I wouldn't have the sales ticket. I mean how could you expect someone who bought the car a little over a year ago to have a sales ticket from three years ago. So, Cpl told me that he's seen battery's replaced without the ticket before. I went to Wal-Mart with Boo-Boo in hope that I could get it replaced and hoped that it was the problem.

When I go there I talked to a women who said no ticket no new battery. So, being my mothers daughter I would not take no for an answer. 'How do you except me to have the ticket if I bought the car a year ago and the battery that was bought in Oct O8.' I said.

" '08, '09, '10, '11..." she started to count the years.

"Ma'am you don't count 2008 seeing as that is the year the battery was bought that year."

" '09, '10, '11 still three years ago..."

"No, seeing as Oct has not come yet it is still under warranty." I hate when there is a language gap. She still did not believe me. Had to ask the guy next to her that had watched this going on. He agreed it hasn't been three years yet. Finally they replaced it for free it seem to help the Vue but then it started blinking. Now I have no idea what to do I need to make sure everything is tight now. Wish me luck!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vacation Crafting!

Well, the other night my sister asked if I was free for the weekend to go on a vacation with her. I knew that I would be watching kids but hey a free vacation I like! From the go it was a little stressful but had to get pass all the packing, the sitting in the back of the van with four kids, the throw up and the explosive poops(poor Boo-Boo was sick) it had been fun so far! While on Assateague Island looking for wild ponies we found a gift shop. Under all the usual gift shop junk I found something very cool...

Comes with 12 sheets of blue sun paper and an acrylic sheet. To start you find something you want to imprint on the paper. I should have read this step better because when using 3d objects you omit the acrylic sheet now all my things have a funny line. OOOPPPS Sarah is a little special! Well nevertheless you layer it acrylic sheet(not for use with 3d objects!), the object or negative black and white picture, the Sunprint paper blue side up and then a piece of cardboard.
 Boo-Boo was doing this with me and picked the hotel key.
 This is the little twig I picked.(sorry about the foot!)
After picking what you want you need to leave it in the sun for 1-5 minutes depending on what effect you want and the sun light it is getting. I left mine out for 5 minutes. 

Then you need to wash it. Then lay flat to dry.

This is the end result! I plan on framing then and putting them up in my room. I will add pictures later to this blog.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mass Effect 2!

Mass Effect 2!

I like this game but as far as playing it is hard for me. I play 1st person shooters. So, when trying to play a 3rd person shooter its like oil and water. Doesn't mix well.

Thankfully I have Cpl to help me though. I like to watch him play this game its more like a movie to me. This is a game that a couple can enjoy together. Although you can not have two player co-op, who ever is better at this type of game can play and the other can watch and enjoy. The first part of this game starts out slow. Most games do though so they can teach you the controls and get a little of the back story, if any, but once under way the story line is addicting! I am a little mad though because Cpl has kept playing either while I am asleep or out. So, now I am missing bits and pieces of the story.

That is why I started my own game so that I can get all of the story just not parts. The controls are easy and there is a setting for people like me. It is called 'Causal'. That means you just want the story and not all the big, long drawn out guns fights. When on this setting you get less enemies and they are easier to kill. I go for this setting because like I said I suck at 3rd person shooters but like the stories!

The Con's-As far as graphics are concerned...the space and the cinematic's are amazing but...when you are flying above the ground  it pixelate  the closer you get to it. It only does that on the grass-y parts but for some reason it doesn't happen when there is grass on rocks. Another thing that I don't like too much is when you have new content in the 'Codex' and 'Journal' it flash. I would have liked it a lot better if that didn't happen its annoying.

Lets Refine my Niche List!

Let see in a month I have blogged about-

  1. Reading
  2. Video Games
  3. Board Games
  4. Painting by  numbers
  5. Flea Market Style
I still have ten more topics to blog about but at this point I want to look back at what I have done. I am in a sence reflecting on the topics, so please bare with me.

1. Reading- I thought this would be more fun I just can't seem to get into to any books right now. So, no more reading I don't have enough to blog about on this topic.

2. Video Game- I love video games I'm trying to play Mass Effect 2 right now I'll let you know how that one ends.

3. Board games-I only like doing with friends. Kind of hard to play one on your own.

4. Painting by Numbers- I like to paint and it is fun just can't blog about it. For some reason I don't know what to say!(for those of you who know me know that it is rare I'm at a lose for words.)

5. Flea Market Style-Like the other topics it was fun but I live in a room right now. When I have a house I can decorate I might pick this topic back up.

I still haven't found what my blog is going to be about but I'm only a month into blogging. Not bad for being new, I think. I might revisit a few of these topics but I'm going to keep looking for my niche. Wish me luck!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Old post re-done!

Old post from myspace redoing it just a little...

She told him "Just hold me tightly, just pretend to love me and want me, I just want to feel like someone truly wants me the way I am. Can you do that?"

He looked at her with wide eyes and said "Why would I do that if you know its lie?"

"Because it still feels nice even just for a minute to feel like someone wants you. I know its not in your nature to love." she said coolly.

He sat there and thought of how it was nice to feel wanted but then he saw something in her eyes that he knew he couldn't live without. "If I do this," he started "Will you promise me you'll be here in the morning?"

"Why if I know its a lie would I stay till moring?"

"Because maybe thats how I wanted it to be at first?"

"Why a sudden change of heart?"

"I looked in your eyes and saw all the pain, all the sadness and yet I saw your yearning for pure happiness under it all. You have such I wonderful open heart and yet for some reason everyone only see the fake smile and the pain that you somehow hide at first but it always is in your eyes."

"You would still want me after you know how much I've been through and how much it has scared me?"

"Yes," he said defiantly, "I would because I know how it feels when you have no one and nothing to live for." He drew in a deep long lasting breath and threw his arms around her and said, "I want you to never feel that way again."

"And how would you know what it feels like?" she asked peering up into his beautiful green eyes, and she could see it the pain hidden deep inside of him.

"Because I have loved and lost it all because I had no idea what I was really to losing. I see it in your eyes. All that I lost and all that I want." he mused as he looked at her face. He saw a shy little smirk as she stood there thinking of what to say.

Just as he had done a few seconds earlier she drew in a deep breath, all the while thinking. Thinking of how nice it would be to be in his arm forever. She felt his arms tighten around  her. She gasped and said, "And if I promise to still be here in the morning will you promise me something?"

"Yes, anything!" He agreed without hesitation.

"Will you promise to love me?" She said with a slight hesitation. She saw the wheels turning in his eyes. She backed out of his hug. Only for him to pull her back in with fast tug.

"Only if we can be like this all the time."

"Be like what?"

"This close, this honest and caring."

"I will try my best."

"And so as will I"

They stood there in there heart felt embrace. He picked her up and carried her in the room and ever so gently laid her on the warm bed. He got into the bed with her and held her tight fearing that if he ever let go he would lose her. He didn't sleep that night he watched her as she dreamed. She had a expression of pain written on her face. As he saw this she awoke from the dream saying, "PLEASE don't leave me!" Then she burst into tears when she saw that he was still holding her tightly.

Paint by Numbers

 I should say color by numbers though. This past week that I have been gone I have been working and working on the color by numbers! Seeing as I can't draw to save my life the color by numbers comes in handy. It is hard to get all the details down but over all easy.
I would say that you should buy the color by numbers that they have and don't use the paint one. Because it is harder to color on the canvas. I'm in the middle of painting one I will post it later! (Sorry so short not much more to say about this subject I will post again soon!)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Sims Medieval!

Sorry, I haven't posted in a while I was too wrapped up in Sims Medieval! For the Sim people this is a new way to play. I have always wanted to take my Sims back in time and have even been guilty of buying the castle add ons for Sims 3.

This Sims game takes you back to the Sims Stories where it gives you paths and goals to complete and if you don't your 'Hero' sims is thrown into the 'Pit of Judgment'. Which I love it is an awesome beast! There are many quest to pick from and play.

The thing I love the most is how you play. You only play the sims that are important to your quest. Which means it you 'WooWho' a lot and make many babies you don't have to play them but you still have to feed the baby I think....I all know is that they have gone from baby to child! I will write more as my game goes on...if I find cheat s I will share!