Saturday, May 14, 2011

Damn You Koon's!

This past week we had gone to buy a new car. For anyone that has never done so it is a long process and very stressful at points. Our journey started by stopping in and looking one day. We were told to get our down payment together and all papers we would need together for the next day.

We got as much as we could together and went back the next day. We waited ALL day for the guy to finish up other deals he was working on and get to us. Little did we know communications were off. One guy thought we were waiting for stuff the other and we thought we were waiting for him to get done. Needless to say we spent all day there around 8pm when the dealership was closing. We finally life around 2am! We left in a mini van...

How we got the van with having NO kids!-

We had looked at a few cars and dreamed and drolled over them. For me it was an 2009 Vue(I wish) and for Cpl it was the Jeep Wrangler. Both of which way out of a price range! So, we looked at the cars that were with-in the price range. First car was an '06 Grand Prix. We both liked this one up until we were going to take it for a test drive.

First clue we didn't want it was before we could take it out they had to jump the car. Okay maybe it was just an old battery that can be fixed. Then the guy drove it to get gas...I watched as he drove away to see if any noise was coming out of it. Good news no noise. Bad news it started to smoke.

'Cpl please tell me its your smoke not the car!' I said.

'No. Its not mine. What are you talking about?'

'I see smoke coming out of the car.' while looking at the sales man I said this, 'We don't want it now take it to the shop this one isn't ready!'

Alright, on to the next 'HELL NO' car. This one we just flat out said no to... an 2000 Sunfire with 196,000...enough said. Bright side it was cheap as hell!

Last one...the mini van! It ran has less then 100,000 miles and doesn't smoke. WE HAVE A WINNER!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Marine Day 2011!

I went to Marine Day yesterday! This is something like 'Family Day' for them. oORah wife and I have been looking forward to this for the past month or so. The night before I spend the night with her playing games and drinking wine up to midnight. That was our mistake we had to wake up at 0430-ish with Cpl E. After getting the kids up and dressed we got in the car. We made our ways to drop him off at work, then find out where the babysitter lives and eat breakfast. We got all this done and back to LZ7 by 0720!

Well, that wasn't in time to get on Cpl E's bus. oORah wife and I got yelled at by a Sgt. We got on the other bus we thought if was safe to speak freely. This is when she was given the name 'Sgt PMS' by Rocker Girl. I met her in line one of oOrah Wife's friend. Rocker Girl was kick ass! We took pictures all together and settled into the bus. We did that a little to soon because Cpl E came and got his wife and me! He said he had two free seats on his bus.

Got on it and found no seats free this is when Cpl E asked a random couple if they wouldn't mind moving to another bus they didn't and moved buses. This is when he go pulled off the bus and another Sgt asked why Stg PMS had said oORah Wife had called her 'Sgt PMS'.  He 'yelled' at him.

After Colors we were off to Range 15. We got put into our sticks and oORah Wife and I had been put in stick 8 till  AG voluntold us that we moved to stick 34.  He got us all together told us what time everything was too happen and then put us on the stands to watch the 1st part of the Marine Day. It was full of things going 'boom'!

Then we were off to lunch. I found out what six dollars got me- one chicken sandwich, a bag of chips and a drink. I paid how much for that? After chow we went to the rides where you could ride in a AAV(Assault Amphibious Vehicle) or a humvee truck.
(this is the back of the AAV where Cpl E and oORah Wife sat)

(I sat where the guy is standing up)                               

We didn't get to take it in the water but we had a lot fun taking it in the mud! After we rode we walked over to the guns. I didn't shoot vary many this year but they had a lot. This is a picture of me from last year with the MK 19!

I am going to finish this up. I met a lot of cool people and had fun with everyone!