Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Flea Market Style!

Well, one of my topics was 'Flea Market Shopping'. I found a magazine in the bathroom literacy pile. It got me thinking about the topic. I did not know that flea market finds where a style all its own.

This revelation takes me back to last summer when Cpl and I just got a room that we could decorate. Cici Mia was ecstatic at the thought of 'yardsale-ing' and going to flea markets. We found great stuff but I never knew that this was so popular. Cpl even redid a lamp Cici Mia and I bought. I even found some Avon perfume dolls that made me cry at the memory of our old farm. When my sister and I entering ourselves by playing with them(we didn't have doll houses at that point). I couldn't help but to think of awesome late 90's songs played on my sisters state of cd player.

Collectable 1970's Avon Bottles Pictures, Images and Photos
(not the bottles I got but basic idea till I can get pictures of mine)

Maybe there is another side to flea market shopping. An emotional side where you never know what you are going to find it just might take you back to great memories! I wonder if there are people that are out there just hopping to find such items. I wonder if I will ever find something that emotionally attached to again? So, my goal for the summer to go to a few and see if I can match that first experience!

 As I said before it has its own magazine and I just found 'Flea Market Styles' blog.(http://fleamarketstylemag.blogspot.com/) I like some of the items they have posted. I don't know if I will get that into the projects but we will see!

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