Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vacation Crafting!

Well, the other night my sister asked if I was free for the weekend to go on a vacation with her. I knew that I would be watching kids but hey a free vacation I like! From the go it was a little stressful but had to get pass all the packing, the sitting in the back of the van with four kids, the throw up and the explosive poops(poor Boo-Boo was sick) it had been fun so far! While on Assateague Island looking for wild ponies we found a gift shop. Under all the usual gift shop junk I found something very cool...

Comes with 12 sheets of blue sun paper and an acrylic sheet. To start you find something you want to imprint on the paper. I should have read this step better because when using 3d objects you omit the acrylic sheet now all my things have a funny line. OOOPPPS Sarah is a little special! Well nevertheless you layer it acrylic sheet(not for use with 3d objects!), the object or negative black and white picture, the Sunprint paper blue side up and then a piece of cardboard.
 Boo-Boo was doing this with me and picked the hotel key.
 This is the little twig I picked.(sorry about the foot!)
After picking what you want you need to leave it in the sun for 1-5 minutes depending on what effect you want and the sun light it is getting. I left mine out for 5 minutes. 

Then you need to wash it. Then lay flat to dry.

This is the end result! I plan on framing then and putting them up in my room. I will add pictures later to this blog.

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