Saturday, March 19, 2011

Guns Save Lives?!?

I had the pleasure of going to a gun show in my area. I went with my Dad, Cpl. and Cpl. M. I was sad I still haven't met Cpl M's wife!(ooo well I'll met her sooner or later!) The fun started off early when we saw this.....

If you could read it- the guns he's holding and one in bag are for sale. 
  • M70-$574.99
  • M10-$649.99
  • Mark V-$1224.99
  • Ticket to gun show-$10
Now how much could he have earned for spending just $10? Thats right a lot. I now know spend a little earn more!

I wish I would have thought of this marketing ploy! We saw many signs like this throughout the gun show but couldn't take pictures inside. This show had many awesome guns and more! I found a pink and chrome .38 special stub nose I would love to have and pink stalk and barrel that I could put on a thing that looks like a M4. I have to ask Cpl what it is later but right now he's busy watching dumb people doing stupid stuff on the TV.(LOL)

My Dad was like a ninja so most the time I spent with Cpl and Cpl M. I was given a sticker by one of the creepy old men there. The sticker said 'Guns Save Lives'. Is this true? I think its a half truth. I heard this earlier 'Its not the invention that is inherently evil its the people who use it.'. I love gun rights but I think the laws should be tighten just a little as far as known criminals and people with known mental issues not being able to obtain guns. I know it wont stop the crime but nor will getting rid of them all together. Boss Man, Cpl and I have had many heated debates with Boss Mans employ TJ. TJ says that guns should be outlawed to stop crime, Boss Man said it was the people not the guns to blame. I said was there no crimes before guns? No, thats right crime started before the invention of guns.

In the other room at the gun show Cpl saw his love from TV Amy from Lizard Lick Towing! He stayed for a good few minutes staring at her! This is where I recall saying 'OH you can look at her all you wont on TV. Not like your ever going to have the chance to meet her in person!'. Hum, now I know not to say that again! So, needless to say he enjoyed that room. All and all I had fun with everyone there and hope to go again soon to get that pink .38 special stub nose with pink holster! 

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