Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Decorating with 'Flea Market Style'

Well, this is the practicalities of 'FMS' its a cheap and cute way to decorate.

In this picture I have some personal items mixed with flea market finds! Time to play 'I spy'! First thing I love is the bed sheet folded as a flag. It's one of my favoirte memories with Cpl! So, I don't bore you(if I haven't done so already) here's the short version-One night in the first months of dating Cpl and I folded it together. It has stayed in that shape for two years now!(I know I would barf too! LOL)

If you didn't see this in the picture above pay attention! Just kidding! This is a flea market find. It was I think $2.50. I don't know if it works as a lamp, I'm to scared to try! Although, it might not be a good score of light its PINK!!!!!!!!(for those of you that don't know me PINK is my favorite color!)

Okay, Okay I know what your thinking 'A train ticket?!?!?!' Well, I paid a lot of money for that train ride why wouldn't I keep the ticket as a keepsake? It's sometimes as simple as a train/movie ticket that means a a lot to you. I think its a cute personal touch personally! The hair bow is something I made. It reminds me of my sister trying her best to teach me how to craft.(If you like the bow and would like one made leave a comment and I will give my sister the information.)

This WAS snow globe before Cpl tried his hand at cleaning and moving our room around without adult supervision. I got a teary Cpl on the phone crying, 'I broke it! You're going to hurt me!'.

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