Monday, April 25, 2011

Cpl You Have a Deal!

Well, after a heated debate Cpl and I made a deal. I'm excited for this deal. Seeing as its hard to get a job with out a GED or some college I'm getting my GED soon. As soon as I get my GED we are going to run away and get married!

Thats not the good part of this deal. :) The best part of this deal is as soon as we are married he is signing over his benefits to me so I can go to college! So, the sooner I get my GED, the sooner we get married then sooner I'm in college! I can't wait! I am thinking of a few things to study-

  1. Criminal Justice
  2. Law
  3. Special Ed teacher
  4. Teacher
  5. Child Care
  6. Music
(From when I was in high school-Criminal Justice uniform)

Criminal Justice and Law are something I've always been into. I loved my classes in high school and I aced them! Just I think it might be hard to find a job in this field but once your in you make good money so thats something to think of.

The teacher ones are something I have also been into. My mother was a teacher and I helped her when I was younger I enjoyed it. But like the first two its hard to find jobs at first but in this economy jobs are hard to come by all together but its picking up(slowly)

Child Care-I love kids and if I'm watching other people little runts I'll be less likely to have my own. I mean I want my own but not right now.
(my tattoo!)
Music-not as job just this would just be something to keep me focused in school. Since like 5th grade I've been in a music class. I need music!

So there's my ideas I think there is more to come because as I think of it I want to study more! I can't wait hopefully the date I just emailed the lady about is open!

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