Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mass Effect 2!

Mass Effect 2!

I like this game but as far as playing it is hard for me. I play 1st person shooters. So, when trying to play a 3rd person shooter its like oil and water. Doesn't mix well.

Thankfully I have Cpl to help me though. I like to watch him play this game its more like a movie to me. This is a game that a couple can enjoy together. Although you can not have two player co-op, who ever is better at this type of game can play and the other can watch and enjoy. The first part of this game starts out slow. Most games do though so they can teach you the controls and get a little of the back story, if any, but once under way the story line is addicting! I am a little mad though because Cpl has kept playing either while I am asleep or out. So, now I am missing bits and pieces of the story.

That is why I started my own game so that I can get all of the story just not parts. The controls are easy and there is a setting for people like me. It is called 'Causal'. That means you just want the story and not all the big, long drawn out guns fights. When on this setting you get less enemies and they are easier to kill. I go for this setting because like I said I suck at 3rd person shooters but like the stories!

The Con's-As far as graphics are concerned...the space and the cinematic's are amazing but...when you are flying above the ground  it pixelate  the closer you get to it. It only does that on the grass-y parts but for some reason it doesn't happen when there is grass on rocks. Another thing that I don't like too much is when you have new content in the 'Codex' and 'Journal' it flash. I would have liked it a lot better if that didn't happen its annoying.

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