Monday, March 14, 2011

Code Names...

Everyone needs code names!!! 

My sister-Cici Mia(kindly given to her by our little sister)
My sisters kids- her oldest-Wow I can't think of one for him get back to that one later.
                       -her only daughter-Boo Boo
                       -Middle boy- Doodle bug
                       -Baby boy-Baby
My Mom- She will be known by many names Smoke Stacks, Wicked Witch and of course Mommy.
My step Dad- Limp Gimp
My Dad- Just Dad
My step Mom-SanPac(LOL Just remembering my Dad at Boo Boo's birthday party making a plate for SanPac when I asked who he was making it for Cpl said 'His pet!' HAHAHA SanPac is a pet of sorts!)

Last but not lease my fiancée- Cpl(he will always be Cpl A to me!)

Like my sister all others will be addressed by initials.

Well, of to my sisters to babysit!

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