Saturday, December 17, 2011

Facebook Etiquette:Broken Down

Last night as my sister and I sat and went through OUTRAGEOUS pictures on someones Facebook page it became very clean there are somethings you just shouldn't post! I know I have been guilty of some Facebook over posting crimes! Although, some of us just got to extremes! 

On said persons page we found countless 'sexy' pictures. Most of which just looked down right awkward. From the way that she posed we got that she was a brand name whore. She would do weird poses just so you can see where her shirt was from, how 'big' her wedding ring was and her purse was front and center! Now I like some name brands but I will not be their poster child without some pay! 

  1. Its not the VMA or CMT's no one on your friend list cares who you are wearing!
  2. If its not a natural position please don't try and be sexy.
  3. We know you love your purse but it doesn't have to cover your whole upper body!(I mean the majority of your pictures your trying to show it off. Why stop now? Oh, thats right you want use to see your easily $250+ purse!)
As we go through more of her pictures another trend is present. Her 'shopping sprees' are all over the place! In one picture she had about 10+ Bath&Body Work lotions which looked like the were all the same. This is your 'shopping spree'? What the hell? You shopped a good sale and your gifting all of them anyways why take the picture? Who in the hell cares about your lotion and if you honestly need that much you need to sleep with your husband more so he doesn't have to jack off and or you need to drink more water if your skin is that dry. 
        4. Who cares what you spend money on? 
        5. Don't just post pictures of what seems to be like everyday shopping...
More to he spending habit, she posted way to many pictures of her cars. She traded in x amount of cars before she finally had a new used car. Alright, already we know you have a car habit stop posting about it! For god sake unless she bought each one out right she lost her ass in all these trade ins! Now, my Step Dad has a car habit but he gets really nice cars. Not a gas saver who is a few years old and even when it was new it was in the low end of the market. Unless you had the mac daddy of them! Which didn't seem to be the case. 

       6. We are glad to see you are supporting other country's goods and saving gas. Now please no more pictures of your car. We can't keep up with the trade ins.

I believe in the freedom to post what you want but sometimes people just don't give a flying rats ass about your name brand/car habit! 

The worse of the crimes against facebook she committed was the 'over use of bronzer and the duck face'! Oh, that and she had taken a picture of her paper work for her house. After seeing that I told my sister I wanted to go smack her for being so 'AAAAAAHHHH' and ooo shit I could have with her address being on said paper work! Now, I didn't read her stutas updates but she seemed like the person to check in or tell people when she was out shopping or eating. I just hope the pictures are private and that anyone on her friends list is her size and wants all her nice clothes and or TVS and what not!

Readers please neverever post anything like your address on Facebook!!!!

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