Sunday, March 20, 2011

OOOO Memories!

Like I do in my spare time I was searching blog ideas in the pursuit of finding my niche! I stumbled upon such a simple idea. -Revisit things that you have already written and update and edit them! So, I went through old blogs I had written years ago on the social dinosaur MySpace. I think once a week I will go down memory lane. Here goes...

She is up before the alarm goes off. She has already been reliving the night before in her head. She knows that this is a rare feeling to have, one of total helplessness. In her head she knows that this will not happen often.

BEEP BEEP BEEP 'Shut up' she thinks. She didn't want to move. He starts to stir. BEEP BEEP BEEP. 'Time slow down I don't want him to get up!'  She likes the feeling of his arms around her.

He reaches over top of her to hit the alarm. He gives her a light kiss on the forehead. He knows that face, she doesn't want to move and he knows it. 'God I wish I didn't have to work. I don't want to leave I wonder if she knows that.' He hops out of bed and heads for the showers.

She's still burried under the covers trying to think of what to say. 'Wow, I hate this early moring crap. Why can't he have a normal job?' She thinks. She hides under the cover as he comes out of the bathroom he tries not to let too much light into the room. He's dressed before she knows it, as he sits on the side of the bed she hops up and puts her legs around and slowly rubs his back. She starts to kiss his back as he turns to get a kiss on his lips. They both know this is the last time they will see each for a week or more but they choose this. They choose each other.   

As I was rereading/rewriting this I remember the night I wrote this. A guy I was dating at the time had told me something that meant many changes. As I laid  beside him in bed he asked if I would wait for him.  I questioned this what was I waiting for? He then told me he was going to be delpolyed soon. I had to think about it and in the end I told him that it would be unfair for both of us. We hadn't been dating but more then a month I couldn't in my right mind expect us to work out that long.  


  1. Hey! I found you on the i like blogger friends and comments 20sb group and wanted to pop by and say hi! Your writing is great, I'm glad I was clicking through and found you.

  2. You written it so well!! Wow.