Tuesday, June 7, 2011

OMFG Van Round 2!

So, if you follow my blog you know I had issues getting my van in the first place! Well, the issues don't stop there...a couple days ago I got a call from the finance company saying that they can't pull our payments. I tell them I'm sorry but I can't do anything about it till Cpl gets home from work because bank account is in his name. 

Alright, so they can't pull the money from a savings but thankfully I had kept the money there so all we had to do was get a checking account. We waited a few days because Cpl had work. This morning we went to the bank made a checking account! Thats great thought we had done it all that was left was to call the van people.

NO, thats not it I find out while on the road that we have to fax them the information. Ok I can go to the bank real fast and have them send that. NO, again we run into a issue. The lady at the door tells us they can't fax and Cpl ask why. She says they just can't. Well, he doesn't take this for an answer he ask to the store manager. She then tells us they can't fax from the bank but can give us the stuff we need to fax. 

So with that out of the way I thought we were almost there and off we went to the office supply store. We tried to fax it. We tried about ten times I even called the company to check if we had the right number. Which we did.I grew upset as did Cpl. Then I had an idea something I use to do when I lived with my mom. I use to fax her stuff at work to poke fun/play with her. Called got the fax number and low and behold it went through to her.

I added a cover sheet to tell her what to do and that I loved her. She called as soon as she got it and laughed. Double check what she was supposed to send and sent it out. I thought she was not going to be able to send it like us. NOPE first try it went through. FML

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